I got approved for ipodnanos, but...

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05-06-2006 12:18:48

I recently (5/26) got approved for one nano (five referrals) on ipodnaonos.freepay.com. I couldn't believe my luck. I placed my order rite away and my status went to processing. However this week something weird happened to my account. When I log in my status has gone back to "your next step->reffer friends", like I need five more referrals. I got all scared that my order got messed up, but when I checked "order history" in the "account" tab, my order was still processing. I hope I explained my problem well. Has this happened to anyone else (probably not because no ones been approved recently)?
What do you think I should do?


05-06-2006 12:27:53



05-06-2006 12:37:22


Yeah I read that topic arleady but it doesn't answer my problem. Jake wrote that if you already got five referrals you account will be updated and you will be able to place an order for one nano. My account got updated to reflect a one nano account and thats when I placed my order. However now, after I placed my order, my account has gone back to a ten referral account. Thats my problem!


05-06-2006 12:58:43

If you had read the thread, you would see that they said that if you've already ordered, it would not be affected even though your account said it had been.


05-06-2006 16:46:22

similar to what people have gone thru for ps3