Bad part of email from freepay

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03-06-2006 10:19:35

Sorry for adding another thread about freepay..........

K read through other threads and didnt see any mention of this, so here goes;

I think everyone is overlookign a KEY part of the mass email freepay has been sending everyone.

[quote91bc8fc0f2]Once an order has been placed, it is added to a queue on a first come first served basis. We currently do not carry excess inventory in our fulfillment center therefore your product is not ordered from the manufacturer until it has been placed. Furthermore, orders are bundled together and ordered in bulk typically on a monthly basis. Therefore we are unable to provide a specific timeframe.[/quote91bc8fc0f2]

Ok so since i see 2 other threads talking about these emails. I find it funny everyone is focusing on the fact that they will be approving accouts.

What eveyone failed to notice was the new system inacted for shipping gifts.
The quote above clearly states this

1. Once you are approved you will be added to a queue (list)
2. They keep no gifts in stock
3. Once enough people are on the said queue (list) they will order gifts for the fullfillment
4. Once gifts are received by fullfillment they will ship them.

So for those of you who dont understand the freepay babble, here is how it works.

1) I am first person to get approved for laptops.freepay (example)
2) I am then added to list and am #1
3) I must now wait until a set # of people are approved for the same gift (lets say for argument purposes all gifts are set at 100, since that is stated on the xbox360)
4) So I wait for 100 people to be approved
5) Once 100 people have been sent to vendor, freepay orders 100 laptops to go to fullfillment center
6) Fullfillment center receives laptops and ships them out
7) I receive laptop

Now the problem with this is that freepay is averaging less then one approval a day. Plus with new requirements it might take years for someone to actually finish the laptop site, and have 100 people approved.

So lets say for example purposes 1 person a day is approved on laptops.freepay. I would have to wait 100 days before they reach 100 people on the list. Then wait for them to order it, fulfillment to receive them, and then them to ship to me.

Also if I want to be really a doom sayer can look at it like I need 100 people to be approved for the exact same laptop. So not only do i need 100 people to finish but I need 100 people to pick the exact same laptop.

This seems to me to be a new way for freepay to delay shipping. Which by a way is a violation of the very TOS we joined

[quote91bc8fc0f2]IV. ORDERS

1. Receipt of Product

(a) After a user completes the steps required to receive the product, Gratis Internet will take measures to ensure that the user receives orders within a reasonable amount of time. Delivery times vary amongst product suppliers, but most orders are received within 30 days from placing the order.


03-06-2006 10:22:47

Well isn't that a bitch. Makes sense.. They are probably going to take

[quoteb91e6b0bdb] IV. ORDERS

1. Receipt of Product

(a) After a user completes the steps required to receive the product, Gratis Internet will take measures to ensure that the user receives orders within a reasonable amount of time. Delivery times vary amongst product suppliers, but most orders are received within 30 days from placing the order.[/quoteb91e6b0bdb]

out of the tos now.


03-06-2006 10:43:05

ts amazing how forth coming they are with their new rules, yet no one is doing shit. I guess we cant do shit.

I got the e-mail but no approval, they received it on MARCH 29th!!! I have yet to even get approved.

I may never get this IPOD, but i will keep fighting to get it, I dont think i'll be contacting a lawyer as many others have stated.


03-06-2006 10:51:50

It's not easy as just taking it out of the TOS because we joined under those terms, and Freepay is failing to meet the conditions that they have set forth themselves. If this shenanigans continues any longer I can see some class action lawsuits brewing - but who knows. FreePay is going to honour their legitmate users and ship the gifts, but in a timely manner is unlikely; like we can already see. And 100 people for a website? That's not exactly a ton of people when you look at Freepays user base, which is proably in excess of 5 million.

I do totally agree with you that people are overlooking the most important thing of the e-mail and that if it's being intrepreted correctly then it's going to suck - but, doesn't it already suck? I know I've been processing for 2-3 weeks on so far and I'm expecting to receive it before September, or so I hope. There's no point in shooting high and expecting it anytime soon, because not only am I in Canada which is probably going to make the wait longer but Freepay has been slow lately, obviously.

I find it ironic though how no the processing stage on the website it still says "Your order should be sent to vendor within 7-10 business days." That's probably one of the main reasons they get such a high volume of support tickets and emails because unfamiliar users as soon as it rolls past that timeframe start sending emails that take up valuable customer support time to read. If Freepay would only update their sites to reflect the new time frames for processing until receiving and ect. then maybe the amount of customer support tickets would be cut in half.

Personally, I'm just patiently waiting to see how this all unfolds... but I'm also curious as to where Jake went and if he'll ever come back. Time will tell.


04-06-2006 10:55:42

Isn't this what they always did? They sent out the items in "shipments". Do you really think they had the products on hand before, or that they sent them out one by one?


04-06-2006 18:43:35

well, they diddn't keep them on hand, but they were approving people within 3 days of each request..made things speed up...

anyway, they're smart over there, they know that people are starting to get frusturated, so they send us an email to reassure us, but the email is really just what we assumed.."oh really? you're reviewing approval tickets? i thought you were wiping your ass with them!" after a few paragraphs of bullshit we already knew, they include a little statement written in really nice words "we're gonan be ordering your products in bulk!" sounds nice..but not really, they've gotta a creative team at freepay.

whoever pointed this out, thank you, i thought it was an actual email out of the guilt, now i realize it's just an addition to their POS , i mean TOS, notifying us that approval will be spread up, but who gives a fuck about approval when our orders will be even longer now.

my 2 cents.


04-06-2006 18:52:29

if not in bulk, than how do you expect them to order stuff? You can't expect them to order each person individually, it will be a mess. Plus, who knows how many people are getting approved that AREN'T on the boards, so they probably get alot of approvals everyday.


05-06-2006 00:00:56

Good points all the way around. Thanks for mentioning it. We're still at square one waiting here. But what do I know.. I'm a noob.