I got an Email from Freepay! Did you get this?

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Captain All That

02-06-2006 22:50:19

I didn't see this posted today so I thought I'd post it.. I found this in my junkmail folder...

From <noreply@freepay.com>
Sent Friday, June 2, 2006 603 PM
To email==myemailaddress@hotmail.commyemailaddress@hotmail.com=myemailaddress@hotmail.commyemailaddress@hotmail.com/email
Subject Customer Service Inquiry

Thank you for contacting FreePay Customer Service.

Our records indicate that you have attempted to contact us regarding your account. Regretfully, we are currently experiencing technical difficulties that prohibit us from responding to your inquiry in a timely fashion.

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions, please review carefully the instructions at the end of this email should these not pertain to you.

Approval Form

We are currently processing Approval Forms that were postmarked later than 5/15/06. We anticipate having all Approval Forms that were postmarked after that date to be processed within 2 business days. Our ability to approve orders in a timely fashion has also been compromised. We are working diligently to review orders as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience.

Order Status

Once an order has been placed, it is added to a queue on a first come first served basis. We currently do not carry excess inventory in our fulfillment center therefore your product is not ordered from the manufacturer until it has been placed. Furthermore, orders are bundled together and ordered in bulk typically on a monthly basis. Therefore we are unable to provide a specific timeframe.

These steps are necessary in order for us to continue to provide free products to our customers. We recognize this may further delay receipt of your product but want to assure you of our commitment to honor all legitimate orders. We apologize that further inquiries into this matter can not be processed, as there is no additional information available until your order status has changed from ‘pending’ or ‘processing’ to ‘shipped’. We appreciate your continued patience.

We’re happy to report that 100 XBOX 360’s arrived in our fulfillment center today. Those customers’ with the oldest orders will be receiving notification next week.

Offer Credit

These are some general reasons as to why offer credit may be denied

-Not providing valid personal information at the time of sign-up

-Improper browser settings (Pop-Ups and Cookies, for example, must be allowed).

-Failure to meet advertiser/offer requirements.


If you have indeed fulfilled every requirement aforementioned and you still haven’t received offer credit, please provide us with the following information

(NOTE We will not review offer completions that are less than 15 days old.)

FreePay User ID Number (aka Referral ID Number)

First and Last Name

Mailing Address

Offer Confirmation ID Number (if known)

Name of Offer

Exact or Estimated Offer Completion Date

This verification process may take up to 30 days. If the respective offer provider confirms that you have successfully completed the offer and we can verify that we have been compensated, your credit will be manually entered into our system.

Account Expiration

Your account will be automatically reinstated should you or one of your referrals receive credit for an offer after the expiration date and once the minimum number of referrals is reached. Extensions can be granted due to extenuating circumstances.


If we did not answer your specific question above, please feel free to resubmit your inquiry by logging into your account, clicking on “Help” in the upper right hand corner and choosing the appropriate question/category. Under each question/category is a question that will allow you to contact customer service. Please type in the following in the appropriate box, “Please respond to my previous question!” Please be advised that our system will immediately send you an automated response so you will be required type it again. Please do not respond to this email as it will not be received.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.


The Freepay Customer Service Team


So... you all will be happy to know that THEY LOST ALL FORMS SENT IN PRIOR TO 5/15 Because they made no mention of the ones prior to that date. Are you fuggin kidding me...

Mine was postmarked March 27th Bliliches! Not May 15th.. what about me... what about Raven!


03-06-2006 00:12:11

they haven't lost all forms prior to 5/15 O_o i form i sent in april went to the new status of "processing your form" today. not sure why they didn't mention forms prior to then, but they havent lost them


03-06-2006 00:37:40

I got the same thing..? they could have no way lost all prior to 5/15.


03-06-2006 06:40:35

got the same thing. does this mean that they will take into account all of us who only wanted the 1 nano?


03-06-2006 12:54:08

I also got the e-mail. But my status on all the sites hasn't changed. Just seems like another stall to me.


03-06-2006 13:02:14



03-06-2006 13:05:04

dude, ur sig is crazy lol


03-06-2006 23:25:57

I like to stare at it. shock


04-06-2006 03:41:48

So... you all will be happy to know that THEY LOST ALL FORMS SENT IN PRIOR TO 5/15 Because they made no mention of the ones prior to that date. Are you fuggin kidding me...

Sorry, why are you assuming they lost all the forms prior to 5/15? Are you privy to some additional information? My impression was either it is a typo and they meant BEFORE May 15th, or that this is a stall tactic and they didn't really think about what they were writing and were just trying to placate the masses and avoid answering tickets.

Buford T

04-06-2006 12:29:31

I would guess that they're processing the post-5/15 forms first because either a) they received a much larger amount after that date.. or b) they implemented a better way to organize the forms after the 15th (and the pre-May 15th forms are a friggin' mess)... or c) they are working backwards through the pile for the "we got your shit" notification and will then reverse direction and move forwards for the "your shit's approved" phase. Then again, it could be all or none of the above.

Just my theory.

Captain All That

05-06-2006 07:38:00

Why in the hell did they use a specific Date? Why wouldn't they say they were processing ALL approval forms received...

Since all Freepay has done was bullsh()t us for the past few months... one is only left to assume... I mean, when you think about it... that date is the mose specific information they've given aside from deadlines...

So until they state otherwise... I can only assume that they lost all forms prior to May 15th or they aren't processing anymore forms since before May 15th.


05-06-2006 08:25:05

I sent in my approval form before may 15th. Does that mean i should send in another one?


05-06-2006 10:45:29

Besides getting the e-mails, has anyone checked their Customer Service Inquiries? I had 3 opened all about asking them to change my status from 10 referrals to 5, which they had "promised" to do.

Without actually giving me a response or changing my status, they closed them all.

What gives? Has Jake made an appearance lately?


05-06-2006 11:51:18

My $.02 and to answer some questions above

a. I also recieve the e-mail.
b. They did NOT close all my Customer Service Inquiries, nor did they answer them.
c. My status has not changed on any site including those where I sent approval in before the 15th and those that I sent afterwords.

I will give them till the end of the coming weekend. Then I will resubmit more forms and press the customer service inquiries.


05-06-2006 18:17:26

I just sent my approval form in today by XpressPost. I hope they dont screw me around. I am excited to finish off my last freepay site as I am sick of their garbage customer service.


05-06-2006 19:47:56

I got this too....I'm thinking the BBB might need to hear about this real soon. I really don't know how much good it will do, I'd rather not get flamed for it, but just a suggestion...

Captain All That

06-06-2006 06:40:05

BV... you won't get any flames from me... in fact... i sent them an inquiry and it hadn't been answered for over two weeks... but as soon as I mentioned I would report them to BBB... they responded.

The BBB is there to help business and customers come together and resolve issues to improve the customers impression of the business... and Freepay definately needs an image makeover.


06-06-2006 11:48:39

you sent FreePay a support ticket saying you would report them? Get any results in your answer, or was the answer itself just miraculous??

Captain All That

06-06-2006 12:23:09

The answer was bull... I sent my form in Late March... they received it in Late March.. .theyurl==http://=http:///url wouldn't acknowledge that they received it until May 9th.. and I got an email saying they did indeed have my form and it could take up to 15 days for them to process it because they are so backlogged.

I created a new ticket saying that their new system sucks and their changes will drive them out of business because they've destroyed their customer base... and that I want my PSP before they go under.

I'll probably never see it... but oh well. I'm filing my complaint this Friday when I have time regardless of their response.


06-06-2006 14:48:33

The latest from the CS of Freepay

"6/6/2006 91440 AM
customer service wrote
Thank you for contacting Freepay customer service. We are currently implementing code that will allow us to fulfill our customer's orders with single Nanos instead of the two. This should become evident soon. In the meantime, please tell us what kind of Nano you wish to receive."

Keeping my fingers crossed.


06-06-2006 17:13:27

[quotedbbce6de75="BVGuitarPlayer"]I got this too....I'm thinking the BBB might need to hear about this real soon. I really don't know how much good it will do, I'd rather not get flamed for it, but just a suggestion...[/quotedbbce6de75]

I know of six people right now that are contacting the better business bureau, your not alone. I might be right behind you.


08-06-2006 12:51:57

The latest from Freepay...perhaps there is hope yet!

"Thank you for contacting Freepay customer service. We apologize for these delays with responding to your inquiries. You will receive one iPod Nano. Please let us know which colour you would like to receive and we will make sure to fulfill it that way. Once your account is approved, you will be able to place an order. You will not be given any options as to which colour to choose at that time so please tell us now so we can be aware of what you wish to receive. Then we will fulfill appropriately."

Keeping my fingers crossed.


08-06-2006 15:24:36

If that is a true statment I would not expect to recieve anything from them ever. Seems unlikally that they are going to look up all are CS tickets to find out what color they asked for...


08-06-2006 17:17:25

Another new response from CS....could this be turning around?

"6/8/2006 43954 PM
customer service wrote
Thank you for contacting Freepay customer service. I have noted your request in your file. You will receive a white iPod Nano. I have also sent in your request to have your account evaluated to our Approval team. Once your account is approved, you will be able to place an order. You will not be given the option to choose your colour at this time however rest assured you will receive the white one as promised. Just place the order and we will take care of the rest."

Captain All That

12-06-2006 13:07:19

Maybe I should ask for a White PSP.... Maybe then they'll get it.

Captain All That

14-06-2006 17:10:59

Hey everyone! Grat news... I got this today on my CSInquiries page...
Thanks for contacting FreePay Customer Service. We understand that this long delay is quite an inconvenience. We are well aware that our customers have every right to be upset about this matter and we can assure you that FreePay will honor its commitment to their large customer base. We do not have a definite date as to when the iPods will be delivered. Please remain patient as we are working towards getting those orders delivered as soon as possible. Sincerely, The FreePay Customer Service Team [/quote0ce96672c3]

You guys will be happy to know that I signed up for a psp and in my last inquiry I wrote...

[quote0ce96672c3="myangryass"]You guys say you're working hard to prevent fraud but there is no fraud on my account. I mailed my form on 3/27, it was received on 3/29, it is 6/5... That's over 60 days. I resent the form on 5/9 and you got it on 5/12 but you acknowledged receiving my first one on the 9th of May (A fact I already knew thanks to USPS). People who sent their forms after me stated they have been approved already. I don't understand what's taking so long. Please do not send me some pre-fabbed answer. Check my refs, call them at home, verify or whatever but please expedite the processing. Your new stalling tactics have destroyed your customer base and i want my gift before you guys dissappear. Thanks.[/quote0ce96672c3]

My gift was a PSP not an ipod and basically they just kicked me in the nuts by sending me a "pre-fabbed" response.

I surrender Freepay. Slander and Liebel doesn't even touch the surface of what I'm going to do. I sent my form at the end of Fuggin March... and they haven't even processed it yet. I'm going underground on this freepay thing... I could give a flying flilili anymore.


15-06-2006 07:24:14

The email is wrong. Don't believe everything you read.

Captain All That

15-06-2006 09:21:32


Freepay is the best... Don't i know it!