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02-06-2006 11:16:38

If you got the message "Thank you for mailing your approval form" on your status page, list what site you did and when you sent in your approval form. This way we can see what sites are actually being looked at by Freepay and what sites are just being ignored.


02-06-2006 11:22:09

I'm just curious, but is your name's similarity to mine a coincidence or what? plus you even have the number at the end.


02-06-2006 11:33:47

hahaha, i think it was just a coincidence- i just made that up... pretty weird though


02-06-2006 13:31:17

i just got that status for xbox, i sent in the form about 6 weeks ago i think


02-06-2006 13:50:50

i just got that status for the premium ipod site. I sent my form in 5/5. the forms for my other sites that were recieved before then still haven't changed though.

Buford T

02-06-2006 14:04:38

[quotee8d9279c30="Iloveipods2"]I'm just curious, but is your name's similarity to mine a coincidence or what? plus you even have the number at the end.[/quotee8d9279c30]

Dude. You have a stalker. It's like that movie "Single White Female".


02-06-2006 14:10:55

i have that message on my phones account and my gf has it on her gift cards account


02-06-2006 14:48:07

just got it on my minimacs account too, submitted that only about 3 weeks ago.

im wondering about the extensions for refs who completed an offer before time was up, but it hasnt credited yet...i seem to have no way to send a CS ticket now that my 90 days are up. am i just screwed for that possibility? i met the minimal reqs but had an extra person, and they just didnt green in time, but did 2 offers, both that were supposed to be instant -\


02-06-2006 16:37:31

Got it on my flatscreens account today.

Also got an e-mail from them saying they're currently processing forms postmarked since 5/15, and all should processed within the next 2 days.


02-06-2006 16:43:15

got it on giftcards


02-06-2006 17:11:00

got it giftcards too


02-06-2006 17:16:44

Didn't get a "thank you for mailing..." but I did get a "we're too busy to reply to your CS enquiries" x 2, probably for ipods & nanos. They say that they are processing forms postmarked AFTER May15th, is this a type on freepay's part? What about forms PRIOR to May 15th?

As far as I can tell they just don't want to have to respond to all the tickets (like the 6 of mine that they have ignored) so they are sending blanket emails so they can stall longer.


02-06-2006 17:45:02

I got the generic "we received your form" message. My form was received by them on 5/19. I just have to at least be glad that progress is being made.


02-06-2006 18:52:28

I got that today PHONES


02-06-2006 19:20:24

got it on pcs


02-06-2006 19:37:12

got it on gift cards, sent in 2-3 weeks ago


02-06-2006 21:26:01

can we merge this with the approval thread? these threads seem related


04-06-2006 17:21:36

i got it on laptops


09-06-2006 18:59:00

I just got it on laptops today- sent in form on 5/30


09-06-2006 20:09:40

sent form in about one week ago, have that now... waiting for approval


09-06-2006 20:57:25

got it on xbox360


09-06-2006 21:10:31

Got it on Giftcards, mailed in 5/22.


09-06-2006 22:46:03

got it on 360 in about 3 weeks


11-06-2006 13:44:22

Anyone actually get approved after getting this note on Freepay?


11-06-2006 20:12:16

not me, i am waiting on 5 sites from them, all with the message they have recieved my form.


12-06-2006 07:22:51

I got the note and was approved two days later for premium ipods.

I'm still waiting for ANYTHING to happen on my Mac Mini site that I submitting approval on 2 1/2 months ago.


12-06-2006 10:36:14

Got the notice on my ipod nanos site that they received the approval form on Friday, June 9th. Much faster response than I expected.


12-06-2006 13:04:46

i got the same message today on minimacs.... i sent in my form about 2 weeks ago.....

from what i gather.... i have to wait a REALLY LONG TIME to get my mac?