"Delivery Confirmation"

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01-06-2006 11:02:16

Does delivery confirmation mean that they want me to require a signature?

Or should I just send the approval form with tracking information?


01-06-2006 11:21:54

If you're talking about specific USPS Delivery Confirmation and not just general tracking

Delivery Confirmation is just that -- confirmation that the post office delivered the item. It doesn't mean they placed it in somebody's hand, it just means they left it in their mailbox.

Signature Confirmation is an additional upcharge ($1.35 I think) and includes Delivery Confirmation. It requires someone to actually sign for the item.

I send everything important, to include freebie forms, Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation (which is free when you buy your Priority Mail postage online). The exception was my last I-Deal cert, which I sent Signature Confirmation just due to I-Deal's "flakiness" and the value of the gift.


02-06-2006 13:39:03

i sent mine with only delivery confirmation for freepay. i figure as long as i can show them the evidence that i sent something there, its ok.