Here's what customer service tells me.

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31-05-2006 18:27:19

I sent this on 5/24

My approval form was confirmed delivered on May 18th by the USPS. It has been about a week and I am still not shown any different than I was when my 5th referral went green. I am waiting for my 6th referral to go green. Since my account expires on the 30th of May, if after that date one of my referrals goes red, will I be given the chance to get more referrals since I sent the form was delivered 12 days before my account expired? I mean, if my form is sitting in a pile of forms somewhere and you don't get to it quickly enough for me to get more referrals, can you give me the 12 days again to get a referral or two to make up the difference? Thanks. Jeff Account #15277163

I received the usual "We have your message and will respond shortly" message from them And then today they sent me this...

After checking, there is no record in our database that our Fraud Prevention Department has received your form. Due to the fact that we receive dozens of forms everyday, we have to process each form on a first-come-first-served basis. Your form may have arrived, but our fraud prevention has not processed it yet. We will update your account as soon as possible. No need to worry, your account will be granted for the time extension while you are waiting for the approval. We thank you for your patience and are sorry for this inconvenience.

So, what does this tell me?

1. They are doing someting...probably sitting around answering customer service questions.

2. If one of my refs ends up red, they WILL give me time to get one or two more.

3. The one ref I am waiting for will be given time to credit.

They better do these things for me or I will be pissed...wait people already are pissed. They don't care.

Please Freepay...come through with my free iPOD so I may be done with the freebie scene.


31-05-2006 19:11:46

If it's postmarked before May 30th, there's no problem.

Just wait.

You're in the same exact boat as the rest of us.


31-05-2006 19:13:50

hey, be lucky you've only been waiting for a week, my approval form was delivery confirmed on april1st....i'ts now june


31-05-2006 19:14:45

u should get extra referrals just in case