Ref Credit After Deadline

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31-05-2006 09:44:16

I just got credit for a referral even though the deadline has passed. I had enough refs to complete the site, so this is just an insurance one but its cool that it still credited and I'm sure it's good news for some people.


31-05-2006 13:59:55

heres my sites quote as of today, may 31-
You have until 5/30/2006 to complete the
full requirements, including all credits for
your referrals.
I didn't get terminated yet. Maybe they will actually approve those of us who got 8 refs and did an offer, but never went through approval.
licrosses fingersli


31-05-2006 14:40:28

look on the bottom of the status page


01-06-2006 06:24:06

I got the credit received email for a person who did an offer after the 30th but no credit. Good thing I have 2 people waiting for manual credit that signed up before the 30th. Once they get credit, my account will be reactivated and I'll have some extra greens to rely on.