Freepay says I MIGHT need to send W-9...

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30-05-2006 19:34:52

My PC account was approved back in February and I sent in my order back on April 7th for an Acer and began processing then. (I was hoping for an update, but finally gave up after two months of waiting!) However, after almost 60 days and 37 business days later, I'm still processing. But here's my question I sent in a support ticket on May 10th asking what's up and this is the response I got this weekend

[quote4e79ebbb87]Please note that If you are a U.S. resident and your free product reward from Gratis Internet is valued at more than $600, you will be required by federal law and any applicable state law to claim the value of your reward. Therefore, an IRS W-9 form will be provided to you via email. This form must be completed in its entirety and returned to Gratis Internet in order to receive your free product reward from us. Have you ever send a W-9 form to our fulfillment staff yet? Thank you.[/quote4e79ebbb87]

What kind of help is that? They [b4e79ebbb87]don't[/b4e79ebbb87] tell you A) How much your prize is worth, so you don't know if you have to send it in and B) If you do have to send it in, where to send it.

I never got a W-9 in my e-mail, but I printed out one anyways off the IRS website and filled it out. If anybody else has sent one in to Freepay, where did you mail/fax it to? Is it the same address as the one in their help section for the Order Approval Forms?

Also, anybody else being told they [b4e79ebbb87]might[/b4e79ebbb87] need to send in a W-9 on the PC site?