What FreePay is... (from their website)

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30-05-2006 10:40:07

Where are our orders? This is unacceptable, I've waited 7 weeks now for iPod approval and still nothing. All I can say is too bad FreePay's about us page isn't their TOS page, otherwise they would be in major violation...I hate to be a party pooper, but what other companies can treat their customers this poorly and get away with it? (Admin, if this needs to be merged or deleted, sorry, please feel free to move this or remove this-thanks, Bobby)

[quoted53d075793]What is FreePay?

FreePay is a way for consumers to get high quality products for FREE!

FreePay is a payment method for purchasing online. But instead of using a check or a credit card you don't pay anything at all. We have partnered with large online advertisers who do all the paying for you. These sponsors are looking for new customers like you, and in exchange for trying their products and services you can get cool, high-end, and totally free products. The sponsors pay us referral fees for helping them acquire customers like you and this money goes towards the cost of your new items.

Gratis Internet has been giving away free stuff for over 5 years, and has sent over $14 million of totally free products to its happy customers. Just recently we announced a new name for the technology; and that name is FreePay.[/quoted53d075793]

Correction Given that they ever approve and mail out the products. They have given out $14 million worth of products over 5 years, how much over the last few months?

[quoted53d075793]FreePay is

Easy No other place on the internet offers an easier way to get free stuff.[/quoted53d075793]
I hear a lot of people are jumping on the TRAINN, I have not yet personally, but it's sounding better every day with the way I and others have been treated.

[quoted53d075793]Trusted We protect your privacy and will ship your products promptly.[/quoted53d075793]
Didn't they sell some private information? Yes, I might get my gift shipped DHL, next year, if ever.

[quoted53d075793]Experienced We've been doing this longer than anyone and have learned how to get you the greatest items for free, and as quickly as possible.[/quoted53d075793]
People with the most experience also learn how to lie and make it seem ethical, remember OJ's lawyer? "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit."

[quoted53d075793]A Leader We have partnered with the best sponsors to bring you excellent online advertising offers.[/quoted53d075793]
I hope they don't mean the scammer companies that have the high payouts and never give credit.

[quoted53d075793]Legitimate We have tens of thousands of happy customers.[/quoted53d075793]
You DID, now they're all in this forum and many pretty unhappy (last I checked)

[quoted53d075793]Customer focused - Our team of customer service agents strive to ensure a smooth process and on time delivery[/quoted53d075793]
REALLY??????????????????? Are they on my porn site? Where are these people????? Sleeping on the job?

[quoted53d075793]Once you have completed these steps, we will ship your order out promptly just like you ordered your free product on any other online store, but you won't be paying a dime. So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss out, and sign up for a FreePay website today![/quoted53d075793]
Still waiting for this day.......I'm going off the rails on the crazy TRAINN...


30-05-2006 16:14:25

TRAINN still has no laptop site...just sayin'...


30-05-2006 21:06:33

From the way you wrote and formatted your post it reminds me of MSTs. I applaud you.


30-05-2006 23:50:03

What is MST? is it karma worthy? -D Everyone should look at the poll results, or vote. I didn't vote for it because personally I am new and haven't experienced the old vs the new FreePay.

If nothing else good about FreePay, I do have to applaud Jake. He is a respectable member of this community, and a good representative of his company. Seems like the info that his company has provided to him has been very shaky out of my newbie experience. However, don't kill the messenger. I do appreciate him, and his prompt response to my PM awhile back. Jake, I just hope the ball will start rolling, fast... but thank you for being helpful. I don't want to seem anti-FreePay, but, what else can I think as a newbie who has truthfully completed his offer 8 weeks ago, double your 4(+) week approval time. I've never gotten any free items, let alone from your company...

Is this a marketing strategy to anger the 'experienced' customers who will complete the offers, so that you only have newbies who don't finish and increase your profit margin. Seems like it would be a good plan, but if you lose the respect of this whole forum, think about all our refs, it would become exponential bad-mouthing of FreePay. Business would not last.....just a thought. I hope that isn't the case, because I genuinely want to respect FreePay.

Comments? anyone else? Everyone is so shy to post here based on how many people have read this...make sure you vote at the top, send some kind of a message to FP...


31-05-2006 00:23:54

Very good BVGuitar...

I am a newbie myself. Granted I signed up with Freepay a long while ago and out of the blue I decided to check my account. I realize I only had 3 weeks left before they left me out, I scrambled and got the rest of my referrals. Now I find the bottleneck. Well I just hope that it all starts flowing soon.

At this point I am on the TRAINN and hope that ends up working out.

P.S. I didn't vote because I don't really have any "real" experience with FP.


31-05-2006 01:52:18

[quoteef54e02c23="BVGuitarPlayer"]What is MST? is it karma worthy? -D[/quoteef54e02c23]
Oh, it's definitely karma worthy! I'm too lazy to explain what MSTs are so I'm just going to quote something from Wikipedia
[quoteef54e02c23]A MSTing or MiSTing is a type of fan fiction based on [ief54e02c23]Mystery Science Theater 3000[/ief54e02c23]. In that show, the protagonists must watch bad movies. They often make humorous quips or parodies about the scene, the lines, or about the quality of the moviemaking in general.[/quoteef54e02c23]
To read the full article click here[=http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MSTing]here.

And I agree with you about Jake. He seems to be knowledgeable about what's happening with FreePay, which at times, does put me at ease.

However, I don't believe FreePay would intentionally alienate almost all of its customers. Maybe they really are just "backlogged". Ha, but what do I know. I'm [ief54e02c23]new[/ief54e02c23].