Change of address. What do I do?

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29-05-2006 12:07:46

Hey guys, I just have a quick question. I tried contacting Jake but someone said he might be on vactation. Freepay was the first freebie site I've ever done. I got all my referrals for my 60 gig iPod and my xbox 360 back in March and mailed in my approval in the beginning of April. I assumed I was set. Unfortunately, I'm at school in California right now and will be returning home to Colorado on June 9th. I put down my school address on the FreePay forms figuring it wouldn't take two and a half months. My school refuses to forward any mail. They just return to sender. Do I send them a new form with my address in Colorado? God forbid they don't send anything until I go back to school AGAIN, what then? Any input would be appreciated.


29-05-2006 12:11:35

I would say send in another approval form and put in your new address in it. Then put a sticky note in there saying something like "My address has changed since I last sent in my approval form".


29-05-2006 12:47:25

After you get approved you have to put in an order where it asks for your address, you should be able to change it then. Double check with Jake, but I think you should be fine.


29-05-2006 13:01:20

When I asked to do a change of address, Jake told me (I think) that I'd have to resubmit my order - aka goto the back of the queue.


29-05-2006 13:39:47

I don't think he put an order in yet. If you have already been approved and have submitted your order, then you will need to reorder, however if you have not been approved yet, you should be able to change the address once you get approved.


29-05-2006 16:29:48

Sorry, I'm not exactly clear on what you mean. I have sent in my approval form and am still waiting for it to clear. I have not yet "ordered" my stuff. Do i still send in a new form?


29-05-2006 20:49:56

Dude, you're so lucky you have a clean slate. New address = all sites available to do right? Do some sites for me.


29-05-2006 22:22:54

Actually, does anyone know if that gives me a clean slate if I just move? Do they check the address of where stuff is shipped? or do they check to where the CC is registered to? or do they check the social security number on the CC. What if you just have a bunch of different credit cards and then ship stuff to different addresses? What if you CC billing address and gift shipping address isn't the same? What if your IP address changes? I have absolutely NO intention of being sleazy like that, I just want to make sure I don't get DQ'ed from these sites I've worked so hard for. Thanks.


29-05-2006 22:33:40

You do not need to send in another form. You can change the address once you are approved. And I don't know exactly what or how they check things, just that trying to do a site twice is really stupid...unless you like not getting stuff you've worked for.


29-05-2006 22:52:39

No, that is not my plan at all, I am just worried that they will think I am cheating because my address is changing.