Official Deadline Countdown

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28-05-2006 08:20:53

It's the 28th. In two days, FreePay will lose about half of its customers. They lost me when they stopped creditting offers with about 30 days left of the deadline. Then on top of that, they added 4 referrals for people to get in a just a few days. I've been spending more of my time in the TraInn section of the forums. It's very pleasant. There's no complaining like there is in here, because there's absolutely nothing to complain about!

Now, we'll probably get the usual replies where some people agree with me, and the mods defend FreePay.


28-05-2006 08:33:07

What makes your thread the official one? ?


28-05-2006 08:36:00

yeah there are like 8 of these threads. anyway, i am curious what will happen after the deadline. u are unable to have 2 accounts for the same site/from the same household. BUT if my account gets closed then I dont have it anymore then creating another account wont violate TOS
of course I wouldnt do freepay again for anything anyway...
and my damn PSP isnt approved yet and it has been a while...


28-05-2006 10:11:57

anybody wondering what happens to accounts after the deadline. will it be deleted, on hold?


28-05-2006 10:15:23

I don't even think FreePay knows how to delete accounts. They just put them on hold. We have the impression that they are this big company, but it takes them weeks to make small changes will their website and stuff like that. They're a freebie company. They're not much of anything.


28-05-2006 11:40:07

Locking this because we don't need it taking up space.