Flatscreens - Order Now or Wait??

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25-05-2006 23:04:29

So I just got approved on freeflatscreens and have until about the end of June to place my order. I definitely want the TV, and I know that that Viewsonic's been up there for quite some time, so I was wondering if people thought they might put up a new TV before I have to order. I know Freepay's been pretty flakly lately, so I'm thinking probably not, but I figured i'd ask.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot.


26-05-2006 05:38:35

I wouldn't man. The shiftiness that freepay has lately shown proves that they can't be trusted.

Take what you can and run, IMO.


26-05-2006 08:56:12

i doubt they'll put up a new tv anytime soon, since they just added new flatscreens a couple months ago.
Just order now.


27-05-2006 08:35:31

Just ordered, thanks for the advice, figured as much.