$500 Laptop Suggestion for PC Site

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25-05-2006 20:23:57

Smart Buy- HP Compaq Notebook nx6110 For $499[=http//h71016.www7.hp.com/dstore/MiddleFrame.asp?page=config&ProductLineId=435&FamilyId=1598&BaseID=17775&jumpid=re_R2515_store/smProdCat/BusinessNotebookPCs/sku_nx6110]Smart Buy- HP Compaq Notebook nx6110 For $499

Compaq V2000 Series For $469 or $499[=http//www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping/computer_series.do?series_name=V2000_series&catLevel=2&category=notebooks/compaq_presario&storeName=computer_store]Compaq V2000 Series For $469 or $499

Compaq V5000Z For $499[=http//www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping/computer_series.do?series_name=V5000Z_series&catLevel=3&category=notebooks/compaq_presario/V5000_series&storeName=computer_store] Compaq V5000Z For $499\

Dell B1300 For $499[=http//configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?cs=04&kc=07974&oc=s80504g&x=2&y=11&ACD=qIZwRHcsmHIAAkm8tfz-&AID=0038386869] Dell B1300 For $499

Dell has a lot of sales for B130/Inspiron 1300 series laptop for $499 or less.

Acer/Toshiba/Gateway/ etc... on sale at local stores.


26-05-2006 10:15:57

Them are some good suggestions. I would also recommend best buy gifts cards every week they have great deals on laptops sometimes as low as $399 and up that's after Instant savings.


26-05-2006 10:30:47

Good work, ExtremeConga.

The Dell would be a great addition.


26-05-2006 10:36:30

These would be great, I did this site for a laptop


26-05-2006 10:48:52

that Dell is a sweet deal, too bad it's a Dell -(


26-05-2006 15:26:46

I fully endorse this post.


26-05-2006 19:11:12

I added 3 of those to my laptops website.



27-05-2006 10:15:02

[quote542094cfc8="YourGiftsFree"]I added 3 of those to my laptops website.


awesome. now let me transfer my freepay referrals over to your website and we'll be all good ;)


27-05-2006 10:33:01

I bet they would get better pricing on these if they just offered us a 500 dollar gift card to Apple, Dell, HP, etc.

Nice work compiling a list of $500 laptops tho. +k