"special bonus offer"

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24-05-2006 11:20:51

When I log on to freepay and I'm at the Complete Offer page there is an image which says

"get an additional $15 Starbucks Gift Card when you complete this offer"

Anyone else see this and how does it work?

Buford T

24-05-2006 12:40:58

Saw that too. It's intriguing. It's nice to see Freepay switch things up a bit. Too bad I hate coffee.


25-05-2006 13:10:18

yea do blockbuster and get a $15 starbucks card 10202300240 days later

Maybe they should start approving and sending out gifts before getting fancy with bonus crap

In my opinion NOTHING should be changing on freepay until they make good on their prizes. They have time to update nanos, change requirements, update PCs, put in bonus features, change the way everything looks on status

but they don't have the time to approve and send gifts? yea right!

completely ridiculous