JAKE--MacMini updates?

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24-05-2006 09:04:09

Jake, we've only seen one person get approved for the Mac Mini site. Many of us have been waiting for approval for 2+ months.

Can you give us an update/info as to why this site isn't moving at all?

Thanks in advance.


24-05-2006 11:47:08

Yea, whats with no one getting approved?


24-05-2006 11:56:50

i'd like to know as well. if 2 of my referrals get put on hold and i don't end up qualifying for the macmini, i'd rather find out before may 30th than lose 9 referrals.


24-05-2006 12:15:20

Yeah that is my biggest problem with this whole thing. I sent in for approval a full two months before my deadline. Which would give me plenty of time to get more refs is some get denied. But now I'm like 5 days away.

I have 12 greens, instead of 10, but still.


25-05-2006 06:38:09

I've been getting a lot of sql.client timeout errors when trying to access the mini site over the past couple of days. Will usually let me in after a few tries. Anyone else see this?


25-05-2006 08:12:21

add me to the two month club. I have 11 greens, but having two refused is pretty common from what I've been reading. At this point if that happens on my account I'm shut down with no chance of making good. that's just not fair.


26-05-2006 09:35:36

I opened a customer support ticket asking if they had my approval form (which Jake told me they did in the past) AND when I could expect an update.

I haven't heard anything yet. However, I noticed on my status page the part where it should say I have untill 6/29/06 to mail the form...it's blank. It says it must be post marked by . The date is not there now. However it shows up on my other completed freepay sites.



26-05-2006 09:37:28

LOL it's cause they are "backlogged" with approval forms.

hahaha. buncha crooks...


27-05-2006 13:16:29

On the bright side, there'll probably be a bunch of approvals after the deadline after some of us gets refs removed and screwed.