Validation email and completing an offer?

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23-05-2006 13:42:53

I can't seem to find my specific question answered anywhere..
but, I had just signed up to a site in an offer trade with someone, and I've never been a member of the site they sent me to, so I signed up, and completed an offer.. then after looking at my account, I realized that I hadn't clicked my validation email yet. I logged into my email and clicked it right after I completed an offer.. Is that going to affect anything? thanks


23-05-2006 13:57:15

You'll be fine


23-05-2006 13:57:19

No, you will be fine if you completed an offer before validating.


23-05-2006 14:58:13

Thank You all!


23-05-2006 16:41:39

speaking of emails, as a word of advice keep ALL emails from offers, freepay and other sites, etc. archive them in case u need them later


23-05-2006 16:42:05

gonna be the first to give u karma for being thankful )