Ref's from same computer??

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22-05-2006 16:15:00

ok so i just sent in my approval for today for premium ipods. im sure all of my refs are good cause they were mostly friends and family. i was just wondering if it mattered if they did the offers from my house on my computer? i think like 2 of my friends did it like this cause they dont have internet. . . . . . does it matteR? i hope not or ill be pissed


22-05-2006 16:16:53

Yes it matters. Did you even glance at the TOS?


22-05-2006 16:20:08

say goodbye to your ipod (


22-05-2006 16:20:57

Yes, for almost all referral based incentive sites, it matters. If more than one person signed up and/or completed offers from the same PC, then you and those refs who signed up from there will most likely be put on hold. If/when that happens, you can attempt to open a support ticket and try to plead your case, but I'm somewhat doubtful that you'll be cleared. This is one of those basic rules of freebie sites that everybody should know already.


22-05-2006 16:23:34

D wow! great new! im fucked! D


22-05-2006 16:47:19

yup you are fucked P


22-05-2006 17:01:57

Ouch -\


22-05-2006 17:05:59

yeah that blows. unfortunately it is in the tos in that only one account per household per site can be made. same ip = same house (


22-05-2006 17:25:12

yeah, always read the Terms of Service, you shoulda found this forum sooner.


22-05-2006 17:54:37

i feel like puking. . . .seriouslyurl==http://=http:///url oops


23-05-2006 07:17:12

Is it too late for him to get more refs?


23-05-2006 13:54:22

Yes, he's an idiot... no offence. How can you not even take one quick look at the Terms of Services and you'll see thats the most obvious thing that you can't do. Meh.. you're screwed... sucks but you learn from your mistakes I suppose.


23-05-2006 14:04:55

If he has a dymanic ip he might be just fine.


23-05-2006 15:17:33

yeah its dynamic, and the offer's were done weeks apart
man, im already pisses as it is. . you dont have to call me an idiot


23-05-2006 15:37:32

Yeah, I agree, there is no reason to call you that.

People skip reading TOS on all kinds of stuff all the time. I signed up and enjoy Rhapsody but haven't read every inch of the TOS.

I didn't imagine having friends over to complete offeres was against the rules untill I read these forums. I wasn't planning on being dishonest though. If you think of it from FreePay's point of view you can understand why they have a rule against it. It makes it that much harder to avoid scammers.


23-05-2006 16:37:09

see what happens. hopefully it will be fine )