Yellow or green before deadline?

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19-05-2006 10:26:11

I tried searching but couldn't find the answer to this When Freepay states that you must get all of your referrals before the deadline, does that mean signup (yellow) or green? For example, if a referral from April that never received credit does another offer this month and it greens after the deadline, does that referral count or not?


19-05-2006 10:27:22

No, they must be green by the deadline.


19-05-2006 10:37:13

It feels like nothing is crediting lately.


19-05-2006 12:30:05

yeah I know I'm waiting on 2 friends that I know did offers to credit, and 3 that said they did but I can't verify because they were online.

The whole thing is making me very nervous since my deadline is 5/30. I think a good solution for freepay would be to allow the account to stay open and yellows to turn green, but not allow any new referrals.

That woud make a lot of people more comfortable about trying to get signups in the last few weeks of their 90 days.

What do you think?


24-05-2006 17:26:04

[quote119688ed2d="dmorris68"]No, they must be green by the deadline.[/quote119688ed2d]

Are you sure?

The FAQ states

Offers that were completed before an account has expired are valid. We will reinstate your account automatically once we receive confirmation of such offer completions.

I take that to mean as long as the offer was completed before the date even if it greens after.


24-05-2006 17:33:45

I'm 93.45% sure. ;) However, PM Jake for confirmation.

I suppose that FAQ means if you can prove via the manual credit process that offers were completed before the deadline, they would allow the green.

However I interpreted the original post to be asking if your account would expire if you still had yellows. In other words, do you get to keep your account open waiting for yellows to go green. To which I say no, your account expires and goes dead, unless enough yellows can prove that they completed the offer successfully before the deadline.

Again, Jake would be the authority on this, not me.