W9-Tax Form Quick Question

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18-05-2006 15:21:10

I was approved for the desktop site in December and for the site I was required to submit a W-9 form. Do I need to submit another W-9 since I've just been approved for the Laptop's site or do they keep the old form on file?

Thanks guys.

i blame history

18-05-2006 17:06:16

i am pretty sure you will need a new form for each $600+ item. i could be wrong, though.


18-05-2006 17:42:54

Okay. Thanks for the response.


18-05-2006 17:52:32

They only need to keep one W9 per person on file. All a W9 is for is to record your official tax information, it doesn't matter how many gifts or the dollar amount.

Now whether they want to bother looking it up for each subsequent site you do, I don't know -- it might just be easier to supply one every time since it's not that hard. Then they can do what they want with the extras.