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17-05-2006 16:29:26

Hey guys

I ve got a bit of a problem. One of my referral sign up under me 16 days ago now and she still didn't received credit for the offer she did.
It is my last green so it is really important to me.

how can i deal with this problem. Can I send a ticket to freepay even if it is not my account or does she need to do it herself?
The thing is I don t think she is gonna bother to send a fax and everything to the states...

any help is welcomed. thx

PS do yu think Jake may be able to help me as i have only 14 days before 90 days deadline


17-05-2006 18:24:15

At this point it's not worth trying to get manual credit. Their manual crediting has been horrible lately and with the amount of time you have left you should either have them do another offer or find another referal.


17-05-2006 21:09:09

yeah have them do an instant. manual at the very least takes 15-30 days


18-05-2006 19:42:00

I've had them done an instant referal, still nothing. I think there's something fishy going on here.