What happens when your ref goes red?

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16-05-2006 22:05:37

I think this has been asked quite a few times... not sure if there was ever an answer.

Does anyone know how long you have left to get another "green" if your referral goes red after submitting for approval? I recall something being said about "special circumstances". Is this a special circumstance?

My 90 day, like most people, is up the end of this month. However, I just found out that 2 of my refs were put on hold. Does this mean I have to get greens and resubmit by the end of this month? Or, do I simply need to find two more refs who sign up for an offer (not necessary green yet) since sometimes offers take 2 weeks to credit and even more for manual credits.


16-05-2006 22:09:23

You need to replace those 2 greens before the due date.


16-05-2006 23:04:41

PM Jake, they may give you an extension if you ask.