JAKE-----Any chance macbook gets put on laptop site?

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16-05-2006 15:41:39

Is there any chance that the new macbook will be put on the laptop site?


16-05-2006 16:29:16

i was wondering the same thing because apple no longer sells the ibook so unless freepay has a bunch of ibooks just laying around or know sumone that does which this early its prolly kinda likely but with the way that freepay has been so slow right now by the time that our accounts get approved it will be hard for them to find the ibooks. im hoping ill get the macbook but only time will tell


16-05-2006 16:32:10

i would wonder the same thing if i did not have 2 weeks left to finsih laptops.freepay


16-05-2006 16:46:47

well i'm just going to cross my fingers, isn't the 1.83 ghz macbook even the same price as the ibook freepay is offering anyway?


16-05-2006 17:01:22

no the 1.83Ghz is $1099 when the ibook is $999 not a huge differece but enough that they will tell us to get one more ref just like the PS3's. they will prolly tell us that we need 21 or 22 refs on may 29th and give us no extension on the date it needs to be done


16-05-2006 17:17:08

That would really stink. But it's getting really close to the deadline. If they did require us to get 1 or 2 more, and told us a few days before, it would probably be way too ridiculous for them to expect that of us.


17-05-2006 00:01:25

I just want [b504c1742b3][u504c1742b3]one[/u504c1742b3][/b504c1742b3] of the laptops on there. Fuck MacBooks. (


17-05-2006 02:53:48

How about an OQO )


17-05-2006 06:52:56

OC changed their laptop site...all the new macbooks are up.

Captain All That

17-05-2006 06:56:24

Why in the hell would they get Newer laptops when they can't even fulfill a $250 PSP order... I've started and completed 2 DIY sites with gift in hand SINCE I mailed my form on March 26th. That's ridiculous.


17-05-2006 19:53:00

It would make sense that they would update the ibook choice to the macbook. Even if it means that we may have to wait a bit longer for it, I would choose it.


19-05-2006 15:15:51

anyone else heard any news about this lately?


20-05-2006 20:50:12

Nice move on OC's part.

I just wish Gratis would give me more time...


23-05-2006 21:17:57

ok, so just wondering if anyone knew (if Freepay was going to just stick with the ibook) where they would get them? or would there be nowhere they could get them? also, they are still giving away outdated laptops like the vaio they're giving away, so wouldn't they find some place to get the ibooks?


24-05-2006 20:48:55

am i the only one here that is semi interested if we may get macbooks instead of ibooks? lol- or does nobody else care?


24-05-2006 21:00:11

I think freepay will ship the ibook instead of macbook... cuz I just got an ibook today.... though it wasn't dhl delivery... I wonder if it's freepay's item.


24-05-2006 22:21:59

did you complete the freepay site? how do you not know if it's freepay's or not? and where would freepay keep getting new ibooks from?


24-05-2006 23:51:06

Yeah, I completed freepay's laptop site a long time ago. I submitted for approval sometimes in march and I was on STV mid april. Today, my brother called and asked me if I ordered anything from pcmall because there's a big package from pcmall for me. I told him to open the package cuz I'm only home on weekends.

So my brother opened it and it's an IBOOK!!!) I'm pretty sure it's from Freepay because that's the only ibook I'm waiting for right now. It wasn't DHL delivery though.