gift cards from xbox 360

Live forum:


16-05-2006 14:46:19

i was reading all over this forum and couldnt' find if anyone had actually received any yet?

well..ahs anyone received anything from freepay in a while? are they just slow right now? or are they not doing anything at all


16-05-2006 15:24:54

people have recieve g/c's before

you will find your answers in the Sticky thread on the 360 above the page


16-05-2006 15:41:43

alright, i jus twanna make sure freepay's not going anywhere, and people are actually still getting their stuff


17-05-2006 14:43:40

I have been STV for about 3-4 weeks now waiting for the GC. Jake indicated that they would be sending out a fixed amount every week, but there is a delay. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe I'll get lucky.


17-05-2006 14:49:42

Mine are STV, waiting on product.


17-05-2006 14:52:27

mine too. I really hope they send the systems instead of the g/c


17-05-2006 14:58:15

same here stv for a few weeks now