Everyone check your PS3 account

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12-05-2006 12:26:24

It looks like Freepay is kicking everyone out of processing and requiring them to get 4 more refs.

And with only 2 weeks left on a lot of the accounts.

Seriously, this is a shady thing to do to the customers that have supported you guys for so long.

P.S. So much for all those PS3 accounts approved on the Freepay Approval Tracker Thread


12-05-2006 12:36:19

This is unbelievable. I've been processing for months. Also, it says I have until 5/30 to complete the requirements. Are you joking me? And I bet I'm gonna have to send in an approval form, even though I was approved on ps3s.freepay before they used the forms.

The best part of it all they made the change without emailing any users! Could you imagine if they never emailed anyone about it and people went on with their lives knowing that they had completed their order? Everyone's referrals will just be eaten!

I, for one, believe that anyone who completed the ps3 site before the announcement should have the 8 referral requirement grandfathered in. It is Freepay's fault for setting such a low ref amount without knowing the item's price point.


12-05-2006 12:36:53

I went from "approved" to needing 4 more referrals

heres my email confirming my PS3 site completion

Sent Sunday, May 7, 2006 120 AM
Subject ps3s.freepay.com order confirmation

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This email was sent to you by ps3s.freepay.com.
To ensure delivery to your inbox (not bulk, junk or spam folders) please add us to your address book.

Order Confirmed

We are pleased to confirm your order for a FREE PS3.

Your order number is XXXXXX

Most orders ship out in 1-2 weeks. You can check your order status here

I opened a support ticket asking whats up and for more time to finish

we'll see what happens

Jake where you at on this one


12-05-2006 12:38:38

I request that a mod create a sticky thread for "Discuss the Freepay PS3 situation here" before we get more and more threads about this.


12-05-2006 12:39:16

Screw it...I'll make it and hopefully it will get stickied.


12-05-2006 12:45:44

Let's try to consolidate this topic at http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=39083

Hopefully the thread will get stickied. Please post info and I will do my best to update the first post.


12-05-2006 19:04:13

Are you sure that your order actually got cancelled? On the top right go under "Account" and then click "View Order History". Earlier today the "status" and "refer friends" pages said I needed more referrals but my order was still in place on the orders page.