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Captain All That

12-05-2006 08:09:57

Jake or Freepay staff members -

People are getting restless at the new terms and the false promises of quicker processing times. I understand you guys are swamped due to the popularity of your sites. However, the site is becoming unpopular as a result of the initial changes you've initiated.

Being in project management, part of my job is to anticipate circumstances in advance, make sure adequate testing is done to ensure the viability of the project, and make sure it is not only implemented correctly but also make sure those affected by the changes are update with complete and accurate information to reduce the influx of inquiriest to our support staff.

Given the recent problems which may or may not be do to the changes or possible financial issues and/or legal issues (information we are not privy too), I think a change could be made to the Terms and Conditions that would maybe take a little bit of the stress off your backs and allow you guys to do whatever it is you do.

1. The 60 day rule for getting refs is a good business decision. People will have to do work in advance to ensure they can get their refs before starting the site, ensuring a constant flow of income.

2. Let people know when the form is received it will take an additional 45 days from that day before the account is approved. This will give you enough time for sponsors to communicate any fraud... or actually pay you for the leads you send their way.

This also means you have to actually acknowledge receiving the form by updating the account to form received or processing. Also request that inquiries about the account status should not be sent during those 45 days. If after 45 days the account isn't approved, then a ticket can be submitted to request a status update.

3. Let people know that after their account is approved and they place their order it will take 4 to 6 weeks for their order to be shipped. STV the order at week 4 and then it's out of your hand.

4. I suggest only sending shirts and gadgets and stuff out only if additional refs above the initial order are included. This can cut costs slightly...

Basically, adjusting your terms with this info will let customers know that this could be a 3-6 month process from start to finish... depending on when they actually get all their refs. The time frame will weed out bad leads and give you guys time to actually collect your monies so you can pay your bills and your customers.

Just some suggestions. It may make it harder to compete with some of the younger sites but I full expect them to scale back before the end of the year.


12-05-2006 08:19:42

I think they need to re-earn our trust by actually sticking to the terms they set in the first place before changing them.