30-Day Rule Apply To Free Sites???

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10-05-2006 18:22:59

Would the FTC's 30 Day rule apply to free sites? Its something like online purchases, sites have 30 days from receipt of payment to ship the product.

On free sites your not 'paying' with cash, with referrals on offer, the site still gets money from you.

Just a thought...


10-05-2006 18:31:20

WTF are you talking about?


10-05-2006 18:42:43

no, well maybe, but you can't return anything that freepay sends you back because you don't get a receipt since they order in bulk.


10-05-2006 20:07:32

You need to remember that we are not purchasing anything per say. We are earning a reward. Two different ideas. That's the reason why when you do the desktops site you need to send in a W-9 or whatever tax form. Because they're giving you something for free.

Whether that's true or not in your case I'm not sure but its the premise of which they run their business under. At least that's what I see.

Good thoughts though hehe =).