I completed all the stated rules by freepay

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10-05-2006 15:08:46

they receieved it on 3/29.. Yet, all i get is they receieved it and i got to wait another 15+ days. I'm just sad, jake i thought things would pick up man.. i really wanted my ipod atleast for the gym and summer time.

I worked hard to get this ipod, convincing friends to sign up. I know i completed it legit and i got 9 refs completed.. I'm sure many of you are in the same boat as me.. I wish you luck as i do my self..

So the wait goes on.. no offense jake, but you gotta put your self in my place i took a whole two months of working trying to get it completed.


10-05-2006 16:07:18

aww man I'm sorry this is happening to you

and me

and 1000 other people

and it's not jake's fault


10-05-2006 16:19:29

yeah it's pretty sad, I had 11 out of my 10 requirements back in early January. complete and offer and wait and wait and wait 1 month, then 2, then 3rd month I get credit 49+ days later.

and during that 3rd month freepay goes all "90 day rule" on me. so I send in approval form and wait and wait and wait. 1 month later I get approved. anyways that's my E/N (everything/ nothing, as in everything that I said matters to me and nothing to you, usually) rant.

But yeah, it's not Jake's fault, it's other lazy mean evil corporate people over at freepay. I declare Jake CEO. and give him full permission to slap the world out of whoever is in charge of updating the pcs website.


10-05-2006 17:17:16

I'm not blaming jake at all, i just want him to know my pain =/


10-05-2006 17:48:22

pm him?


10-05-2006 21:15:18

I have pmed him, i think i bothered the poor guy enough.


11-05-2006 06:33:59

I am here to help you guys out. Anything within my power, I try and do. However, my powers are somewhat limited.

I will see what the story is today.


11-05-2006 08:08:06

Jake, please give us some real info not just todays story. You said things would be shipped every week, but looking at the list of approvals not much is being sent out. You also said that approvals would accelerate but that hasn't happened either, so just give us some truth that is all we need.


11-05-2006 08:26:54

I sympathize, but I need 4 more refs on laptops. So, as bad as it is, there's always someone worse off.

Maybe Jake can find out if laptop people can get more time too?


11-05-2006 08:36:13

Why doesn't Jake just get your last four refs for you while he's as it. You selfish bastard!


11-05-2006 08:41:58

[quote7082a48633="Jake"]I am here to help you guys out. Anything within my power, I try and do. However, my powers are somewhat limited.

I will see what the story is today.[/quote7082a48633]

Thanks Jake.


11-05-2006 08:42:30

I hate...


11-05-2006 08:43:13

this damned...


11-05-2006 08:44:43



11-05-2006 08:46:44

Hat trick?


11-05-2006 08:53:09

I told you he was a selfish bastard... ;)


11-05-2006 09:04:41

Damn , damn, damn....