What are the chances?

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09-05-2006 20:33:24

How many people have had a green on freepay be rejected during approval. Should I really gte more than I have to? Comments/ Suggestions would be great =. I currentyl am 10/10 for macminis and have sent in, but should I get more?


09-05-2006 20:38:40

i've done three sites for them. i've never had a green disqualified. i've always gotten my free shit with only the required number of referrals.


10-05-2006 04:43:37

alright thnx


10-05-2006 06:08:30

I never got any ref dq before 'til my xbox site.... My ipod, premiumipod, giftcard, laptop and ps3 were all approved with no ref getting dq. For my xbox, I got 2 extra and 3 dq... that means I'm still 1 behind ( I'm getting more ref for that site rite now.....


10-05-2006 06:42:25

i had dq's on my premium, i had to get extra referrals. i say get extras just in case, like two more, while waiting for approval


10-05-2006 15:08:40

if one dq's and its past the deadline am i screwed?


11-05-2006 19:30:14

At the deadline, from what ive heard, your account disappears totaly, so yes you are screwed.


11-05-2006 23:26:23

I never had a dq before the new TOS, since then gotten few.

When I submitted laptops voucher I had 21 greens. Luckily 2 other yellows went green afterwords as I had 3 dqs. By the time they approved me had 29, lol.

Got 3 dqs on handbags.

still waiting on flatscreens and xbx360