Trouble getting into macminis?

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09-05-2006 06:20:34

I'm trying, but it's redirecting to freepay. Anyone else?


09-05-2006 06:20:37

I was in my mac mini account before and when i hit refresh it kicked me to the default main menu. I tried to click on the mini again to get back into my account and it just goes to the same main menu. It seems to only be the mac mini offer. All the other ones load correctly. Anybody else getting this?


09-05-2006 06:26:16

Seriously, at least read the topic belows yours before you post a new one...


09-05-2006 06:37:06

seriously, switch to decaf P we both clicked on submit at probably the same nanosecond thus explaining the duplicate posting and me not seeing the other post. I did look before posting.


09-05-2006 06:54:03

maybe it's stuck because Freepay is in the process of approving a ton of users and the servers can't hanlde it all. yeah right...


09-05-2006 06:56:40

One can dream...


09-05-2006 07:07:15

I was getting the same redirection, then finally got to the site... and still not approved. I'm on week 6... have more than the required 10 greens... and getting very very very annoyed.


09-05-2006 07:25:10

don't worry, we'll all get an answer from freepay on May 30th. I still can't get to my account for some reason.


09-05-2006 08:05:43

I can't get into my account either. (


09-05-2006 08:15:55

maybe WE got approved! ;)


09-05-2006 09:19:29

Ah HA! I can't get in either, and maybe this explains why I havn't been getting any greens for this site lately, and why my customer inquiries were not getting answered. Maybe they are discontinuing the site?


09-05-2006 09:21:39

for the ps3 i could understand such a thing what with the price being announced, but that wouldn't make sense for the mini.


09-05-2006 09:58:22

seems to be working again (for me at least)


09-05-2006 11:12:18

boo, i can get in, but i didn't win still