macminis, getting no credits...

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05-05-2006 18:49:45

Hey everyone, I'm new to these forums but not new to the freepay scene. I've gotten a free psp, tv, xbox360, and I'm currently waiting on freepay to approve my ipod order form (which is worthy of another post).

Anyway, I've noticed that for all other my other offer sites, I roughly got one credit recieved for every 10 people that sign up (give or take 5ish). However, currently for the macmini site i have 95 yellows and only 2 greens? Just wondering if I'm alone on this or if anyone is getting these horrible numbers. A theory of mine is maybe that the freepay approval staff is busy with the order forms? Or just screwing me? I'd appreciate some feedback. Thanks.


05-05-2006 19:53:13

How do you get your refs? Ads? Maybe they just signed and didn't do an offer.


05-05-2006 20:32:11

Well yea that's always a possibility, but I posted the same way as before, and got a ratio of 110, and now its way something is up.


06-05-2006 10:04:25

I'm having the same problem, and I even know that the referrals I talked to msn did an offer! It's taking an age to get greens nowadays!


08-05-2006 12:56:45

96 total now, and only 2 greens....I have until mid-june i think, but I'm just thinking about abandoning ship, and going for another NON-freepay site, such as offercentric or something. Any recommendations?


08-05-2006 13:04:32

Well, I have been done and awaiting approval for over 5 weeks now. In that period I have received two additional greens (after I stopped trying to get them). So I dont' think the credit thing is universal.

However, I have a ratio of 110 on the mac mini site as well. Offercentric requires like 13 referrals and has OOD. You already have the site going, you might as well stick with it.