Question about 90 day rule>

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03-05-2006 15:41:39

Does this mean that i have 2 get 20 refs in 90 days

So if i have only 16 or 17 and it hits the 90th day.... i LOSE ALL REFS THAT I HAVE AND IT IS CLOSED???

If i ma getting that right sint this fraud??? we are sending paypal to buyt heir items??/ and offers

Am i right b/c it doesnt seem fair


03-05-2006 15:43:16

Everyone should start a thread about this....


03-05-2006 15:47:39

am i right


03-05-2006 15:52:22

Yes, you're right, and there's just no point in getting up in the morning anymore because of it.


03-05-2006 16:08:01

WOW that is so gay!

Flick That.... So basically freepay sux now


03-05-2006 16:58:54

[quote896d2b2453="jagsondarun27"]WOW that is so gay!

Flick That.... So basically freepay sux now[/quote896d2b2453]you just figured that out?


03-05-2006 17:01:47

It's not really fraud. It's their choice.


03-05-2006 17:03:56

I dont understand what that dude just said.


03-05-2006 18:02:03

This is why I said screw freepay and went with OC (will prob never complete though ( ) and ThisStuffIsFree network (i love that company ;) )