How fast is INSTANT?

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03-05-2006 10:12:03

When they say that you will be credited instantly, how fast it that really? I completed an "instant credit" offer yesterday and i still haven't gotten credit for it. any advice?


03-05-2006 13:42:00

Sometimes it could take a few days.


03-05-2006 14:28:25

The fastest I've seen is 5 minutes (happened to one of my Freepay refs just the other day). The slowest I've seen is... never. ) Seriously, it CAN take a few days though.


03-05-2006 14:30:53

I have had instants that were actually instant (under 30 seconds for credit) and then Ive also have an "instant" that I had to request manual credit for. I would say that the majority of instants have actually been credited within 1-3 days for me though.


03-05-2006 15:13:28

Out of about 4 different freepay sites, I've had one go instant credit. The rest; still haven't gotten credit. I'm not a fan of freepay right now... not to mention the fact that after signing up under someone and completing the offer, my registration went to some other referral number somehow and my referrer never even had me as registered.(if that makes sense)