what are the chances of getting bad referrals

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02-05-2006 18:02:10


I ve been doing freeipods and i am going to have my 5 greens very soon. All the people who sign up under me are friends that i know so they can t be scammers. I was wondering how likely it is after getting 5 greens and going through processing to get referrals being taken out.

I took me a long time to get all 5s and i know that after sending the form i won't have the time to get anymore referrals.

Do yu think i should get some more referrals or i ll be alright?
I would hate not to receive my ipod because of one person.

I also have a second question

I am currently living in the UK but i m going to move to france for an internship (3 months) and in that period I won't have my house anymore. Do you think it would be possible to get it sent to france or in the worst case at a friend's house in the UK

thx a lot for your help


02-05-2006 18:16:47

just to clarify what i wrote when i say bad referral i mean denied referral


02-05-2006 18:26:05

If they are all people you know, that completed their offers legitimately, you will be just fine. I've only had one denied referral in all the Freepay sites I've done, and it was one that I got randomly through advertising


04-05-2006 14:13:28

I have a feeling freepay wont be so easy with the referrals this time around. With all the problems and lack of money, I think there gonna start playing dirty.
Plan for at least 2 bad refs - Also there used to be a problem with offers (musicmax or something) and that cause ALOT of problems.