Which Free Camera?

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02-05-2006 00:50:05

Not sure when, but recently Freepay changed which cameras you could get, and now I'm evaluating my options again

I figure while I'm waiting for my remaining 4 offers, I'd better do my homework and get the best because I do want a new camera to use, not to sell. Of course, by the time I'm FINALLY done, they'll probably have new cameras available...

Anyway, for all you amateur photographers out there, do you own one of these? What are your favorite sites to compare the features? (I really like dpreview.com!)

[i5215474944]Canon PowerShot SD550
7.1 Megapixels
3x optical, 4x digital zoom
2.5" LCD display screen
SD memory card included

Fuji FinePix E900
9.0 Megapixels
4x optical, 7.6x digital zoom
2.0" TFT-LCD display screen
16 MB flash xD Picture Card included

Kodak EasyShare Z650
6.1 Megapixels
10x optical, 5x digital zoom
2.5" LCD display screen
32 MB internal memory, SD/MMC card expansion slot

Nikon CoolPix S4
6.0 Megapixels
10x optical, 1x digital zoom
2.5" LCD display screen
SD memory card included

Olympus SP-350
8.0 Megapixels
3x optical, 5x digital zoom
2.5" LCD display screen
25 MB XD memory card included[/i5215474944]

Currently thinking the Fuji's my best bet...


02-05-2006 08:01:22

Canon 5D )

Anyhow I'm a Canon fan, and cramming more and more megapixels on that EXTREMELY tiny sensor is not a good thing, you lose sensitivity and get higher noise at higher ISO's or lower light levels. But they're all marketing to Joe Consumer who just cares about bigger numbers. I got my wife an SD450, it's a good little ultra-compact, 5 megapixel, tiny, flash is a bit weak but it's a point-and-shoot, what do you expect!

Hope to replace my Canon 10D with a 5D soon, can't wait to get up to a full-frame sensor! No more 1.6x crop! )


02-05-2006 08:44:23

What size pictures are you looking to print them out at? That Nikon would be SWEET if you don't plan on going above 11"x14". A 10x optical zoom built-in would be awfully handy.

I'd go for the Nikon, personally.


02-05-2006 13:04:08

Go for the Canon SD550. The Digic II processor is the best in the business. It's a small pocket sized camera with a nice big screen. But like CG said, if you want good zoom, go for the Nikon. Can't go wrong with either of those brands.


07-05-2006 09:39:00

Prepare to wait a long time in processing. I've been processing for about 2 - 3 weeks.