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01-05-2006 14:59:12

I had 10/10 on my minimacs...(last one credited today) so right when i got home...i was going to print my redemption/approval form... But when i login says 10/10 completed but 1 of my extra 20 refs is on HOLD....

now im on hold.

am i on hold cause one of my refs is on hold?

HOW DO I GET OUT OF HOLD? AHHHHHH im mad and scared. i really want my mac...i spent alot of time and money.

anyone know what i can do? thanks


01-05-2006 15:03:18

You're screwed and there's no way you'll ever get it. You might as well start on another site.


01-05-2006 15:09:22

[u4d598d1aaa]Or[/u4d598d1aaa], PM Jake.


01-05-2006 15:10:17

my main ? i on hold cause that of my damn refs is on hold?


01-05-2006 15:15:48

We don't know. PM Jake.


01-05-2006 16:03:28

[quoteeae3b5da6a="jpershing007"]my main ? i on hold cause that of my damn refs is on hold?[/quoteeae3b5da6a]
It very well could be...


01-05-2006 16:05:46

[quotead829c2aa1="Wolfeman"][quotead829c2aa1="jpershing007"]my main ? i on hold cause that of my damn refs is on hold?[/quotead829c2aa1]
It very well could be...[/quotead829c2aa1]

Or it very well could not be. Who knows? I don't know. Does Jake know? I don't know. Does Freepay know? Yes.... No....


01-05-2006 19:20:32

I dunno, but good luck.


02-05-2006 13:12:24

Freepay is such a shady, garbage company that doesn't surprise me at all. I can't wait til' I'm done with them.


02-05-2006 13:31:18

ive been done and never had a hold problem but they f-in suck now


08-05-2006 17:41:13

so when you going to pay me for that credit eh Jpershing007?


10-05-2006 16:13:14

It really doesn't matter what you do since they won't ship you a Mac Mini even if you do finish legitimately.


10-05-2006 16:22:06

I finished the site legitately. I have 12 greens instead of 10. I have non on hold or DQ. I've been awaiting approval for almost 6 weeks and NOTHING, nada. You should be glad they at least did SOMETHING to your account.