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01-05-2006 10:25:24

For all of my other freepay gifts once I went STV the gift was here in 1 or 2 days. But the last one for PSP's went STV on Tuesday last week and still no change. Normally how long is the STV process?


01-05-2006 13:22:09

i've been on stv on free flat screens for about a week now.
when i did gaming systems it was a couple days.


01-05-2006 13:39:53

there is no generic answer times vary best answer is simply be patient and wait


01-05-2006 15:29:18

Hell, be glad you're in STV... I've been in Processing for TOO long now.


01-05-2006 15:45:13

I've been stv on giftcards for about a week now.


01-05-2006 16:49:42

[quoteb1c7f1b211="bored"]I've been stv on giftcards for about a week now.[/quoteb1c7f1b211]
same exact situation and it makes me wonder if I'm ever even gonna get it... Freepay has really been slacking lately and I can't take it anymore. Is it that that hard to buy an online gift card? I've had the site completed for 2 months now... had some crediting issues then I had to wait a month for the freaking approval form stuff. Another few days for processing and now a week for STV. /venting


02-05-2006 14:27:22

[quotee2de67c1a3="bored"]I've been stv on giftcards for about a week now.[/quotee2de67c1a3]



02-05-2006 18:31:38

Same here. I've been STV for a 60gb black video ipod since 4/24 (was processing since 2/2). I PMed Jake about it, but have yet to hear back from him...


04-05-2006 10:04:47

[quote8540fba1cb="St00pid"]Hell, be glad you're in STV... I've been in Processing for TOO long now.[/quote8540fba1cb]

Same here!


04-05-2006 11:15:55

Yea, I guess STV is better than processing but it also gives you hope it will be here soon and everyday with no DHL truck is a bummer.


07-05-2006 19:29:05 4/19/2006 41300 PM Sent to Vendor, Waiting on Product

absolutely ridiculous freepay! It's been 18 days! I want my giftcard already. I sent in my form before 3/15.... It has almost been 2 months since I mailed that form. Please Freepay don't screw me over


11-05-2006 13:12:18

man, i got my DS like 3 days after i ordered it. i wonder whats taking so long for the giftcards and tvs. shrug.


11-05-2006 13:37:09

I missed the boat on this one - what is STV?


11-05-2006 15:59:25

STV = sent to vendor