Could this mean they have it? Freepay CS respond to me:

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30-04-2006 19:26:37

I asked them if they received it yet? I dunno, sorry if this somewhat reoccuring issue here, but if you could jake just let me know, i sent it with confirmation, but you never know? It confirmed it reached to Freepay, but on their end is what im worried about. It arrived there 3/29.

customer service wrote

Our Order Approval Team has yet to process your form. Please understand that sometimes it takes as longer than 30 days for our staff to review Approval forms. Thank you.


30-04-2006 19:54:15

They gave me the same bs response, and mine arrived on 3/25. i don't think anyone knows what's going on


02-05-2006 22:40:39

[quoteb9ba0bc6d7="ragefu"]They gave me the same bs response, and mine arrived on 3/25. i don't think anyone knows what's going on[/quoteb9ba0bc6d7]

I'm trying to go for the GC, i just want to be done with it ya know?


04-05-2006 19:42:25

Here's a response I got from FP after I inquired about my form status

After checking, our fraud prevention department has received your approval form already. We will approve your account as soon as possible. Unfortunately due to such high levels of fraud we are forced to be very cautious in approving accounts. We have to approve accounts individually on first-come-first-serve basis. However, this process may take up to 15+ business days during high-volume periods involving new, in-demand products. You can check the approval status of your account at any time by viewing the "Status" page. Thank you for your patience.

Looks like we're in for some more waiting. At least I know they have my form!


04-05-2006 22:22:30

Hey fellas. If you read back in this thread, it took some of us (AKA. ME!) SEVEN WEEKS to get processed from the time they received the letter. So if you just sent it in...give it time..if you are a month in..still keep waiting. If you are 2 months in, time to weep.

BTW after 7 weeks of waiting I had one bad referral. ( So I got another ref, sent in the approval form on tuesday and the waiting game begins yet again. )


04-05-2006 23:37:08

Things are looking up folks.

I got the same response.


08-05-2006 22:15:03

I didnt send my form with registered mail. Will I ever know if they got my form? Probably not till after my 90 are up, if its taking seven weeks to get approved. Do you think anything will happen if I send another one (this time with a tracking number)?