Slow crediting lately?

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30-04-2006 11:13:39

I haven't had any freepay ref's go green for me in the last week or two, but have had a bunch of people sign up? Anyone else notice this, or is it just my accounts


30-04-2006 14:38:05

I had a couple go green but I do have 6 yellows sitting there and I know that at least 2-3 of them have completed offers.


30-04-2006 15:26:11

I've had a few go green fast but a few take a while too. I think it has been slower than it was before though.


01-05-2006 19:39:29

it's been close to 4 weeks of waiting for a referral, time to request manual or just ask my friend to do another offer? i only have until may 30th. /


01-05-2006 20:10:08

Why would you not submit your request for manual credit right away at 14 days? I'm sorry but theres no real reason (Beyond technical problems or fraud-checks) for an offer to not credit within a couple days, especially if it's as automated as some people indicates it is.


01-05-2006 20:25:16

Freepay sucks...I've been waiting for manual credit for like a week...nothing....they are pry going to let everyone's account expire on the 30th and keep the money...mother truckers


02-05-2006 20:02:17

yeah i am fearing as the deadline approaches some greens may take longer than expected. could u imagine how much cash they would save if referrals took a week longer or manual credit took 5 instead of 4 weeks? with the deadline approaching it would be a lot. I think it SUCKS that faults in their system (slow crediting, SLOW manual crediting) may prevent some of us from getting that last green before 5/31. I have 2 pending that I know did offers. we shall see what happens


02-05-2006 21:39:34

they have to be doing some of this on purpose so people never finish.. they make money and we lose.. this has been a major bitch getting my yellows to turn green for pcs. the hardest site ever and still going super slow.


04-05-2006 08:21:45

Freepay is beginning to hack me off too. Depending on how all of this slow/no crediting stuff affects the deadline, it seems that there would be a pretty strong class-action lawsuit case here. Freepay is a business and we are the "customer", we have a right to expect them to behave in a reputable, honest manner (i.e. extending deadlines because of slow crediting). They have an obligation to complete their end of the deal.


04-05-2006 11:21:28

[quotec601d8ce2f="ILoveToys"]Freepay sucks...I've been waiting for manual credit for like a week...nothing....they are pry going to let everyone's account expire on the 30th and keep the money...[bc601d8ce2f]mother truckers[/colorc601d8ce2f][/bc601d8ce2f][/quotec601d8ce2f]

mother truckers, that's hilarious. But I 2nd and 3rd that notioin that they're doing this on purpose.


08-05-2006 22:10:52

well guys, i don't want to sound irrational, i'm a newbie, and hopeful that I will get my free ipod from freepay because i have completed it with 6 refs honestly and truthfully.

If the company does scam you, if any company for that matter scams you, you should at least file a complaint with the BBB. Like i said though, I have never gotten free stuff in the mail... yet. FreePay has already taken 4 weeks and counting to approve my iPod, but unfortunately they say can take 4 weeks or more. That really doesn't help.

Jake.... can you keep the peace and restore hope for us? I'd really like to get my iPod, and other things as well... i wish i were around for the days when the approval was done online -(