90 Days To Get Refs + Credit? Or Be Approved?

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28-04-2006 07:08:14

I got all my referrals, and completed an offer. Because the credit didnt come.... I had to wait 15 days and send in a fax.

They said they would respond to it in a maximum of 30 days.

That means that for 45 days, I was JUST waiting to get credit, that is half the time they give you to do the site.

So... lets say they do it in time and give me credit, but then I have to wait to be approved.... does the 90 days to Get Refs + Credit? Or Be Approved (the whole process basically)?

Because if thats the case, Gratis just slapped me in the face and I am going to have to complete another offer just so i can make it in time.


28-04-2006 11:17:10

-.- please respond


28-04-2006 12:02:17

i think it's get you and your referrals to get credit and get approval by the due date. I have sent my approval form and still waiting for Approval for my PS3 site, and I still see the date of expiration date on my account for 5/30/2006. So, all i can do now is get extra greens to ensure that just in case some of my referrals get on hold, i have some backups.


28-04-2006 12:11:45

you mean if they dont approve you by the due date your screwed? thats... thats almost cheating! They take forever to give credit manually and to give approval... they have COMPLETE power of the situation, meaning they can just delay each account until the due date is up....


28-04-2006 12:32:59

i think once you send the form, they assume that u know that you will get approved. You have until 30 days after the due date to send that form in, so in a way, that is an extension itself. So, let's say my due date is on 5/30, i have until that time to get credit for myself and my referrals. I have until 6/30 to send the form into their offices. It's kinda strange, but u have until 5/30 to get as many greens as back up just in case.


28-04-2006 12:52:00

oh okay... so i will have time for them to take their time.

okay sounds good.... had some pretty bad thoughts about Freepay for a sec, thanks for helping me out. Hopefully they give me manual credit soon.


28-04-2006 13:07:59

no problemo