MacMini - manual credit

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28-04-2006 02:53:53

Yeah, I know this question has been asked a lot, but searching through the threads, it seems like none of us have found a real answer yet.

So, yet again, how I can get through to FreePay to manually credit my account for completing an offer? It has been 36 days since I first sent my confirmation email with headers through their support form. I've contacted them twice regarding this and they always give the same generic reply.

Any ideas on how to grab their attention? Anyone recently successfully get manually credited?


28-04-2006 14:19:07

If you need the credit anytime soon, the advice is to just do another offer. I've waited a month or so as well and just finally cave in. I don't think the manual credit process is working right now as no one I know (or seen on the forum) has successfully received manual credit.


28-04-2006 16:13:56

this sucks, because that's actually what I ended up doing. this is the 2ND OFFER I've done and none have been credited!