Flatscreens STV -- Upgrade?

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26-04-2006 11:09:17

Just got my flatscreens STV, with much thanks to community here. I did about 5 trades here and had friends do the other 3. Yay!

I ordered the Viewsonic N2010 LCD TV, which seems to be getting the most money on eBay, and plus I want a LCD TV.

I'm wondering if there's any simple way I can trade it in and exchange (plus pay the difference) for a Viewsonic N2050w. It's a 20 inch, but it's 169 and has the res. of a computer monitor so you can use it as one too. It's a hundred bucks more...

I can't remember what FreePay's supplier is, but do you think there's any chance I can (assuming they're even an online retailer) send it to them and say I received it as a gift but I want to upgrade/pay the difference? Or am I stuck selling it on eBay?


26-04-2006 11:38:23

most likely stuck selling on ebay


26-04-2006 12:11:57

I'd say you're going to have to sell it on eBay.


26-04-2006 13:34:28

I tried this. Their vendor is pcmall and they told me if I returned the TV the credit would go to freepay and I could not upgrade. I ended up selling it on ebay and bought a 26" lcd/tv for like 400$.


26-04-2006 23:12:24

Cool how much did you get for it, and do you have any advice for me? )