Signature required on shipment?

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20-04-2006 10:00:05

Is a signature required on the 2 day fedex shipment on gcs??

Just wondering asd im not home today


20-04-2006 10:36:44

Yes, they won't leave something of such a high-value without it.


20-04-2006 10:58:53

Got my GCs today. And yes they required a signature. 2 day turned into overnight shipoping. I actually went to the FedEX facility to see if I could pick them up since no one would be home tomorrow to sign for them, but they were already out on the road with a delivery driver. Just checked the status and they were delivered. Time to pick up a XBox360 that is on lawaway at Walmart.


20-04-2006 11:09:39

Yeah, I got mine today and you have to sign for them.

20-04-2006 12:20:55

Yes you must sign for them. Just got mine 5 minutes ago and me and the delivery man were dodgeing wasp since there is a nest in front of my house.