Hmm, looking over this approval form...

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19-04-2006 15:14:35

So basically this is a contract that they are having you sign at the bottom. Reading through the agreement, they explain how fraud and what-not may be punishable by law. Now, I know I havent done anything wrong but what happens if my referral turns out to be fraudulent? Will Freepay really pursue legal actions against a person?

A reply from Jake would be great!



19-04-2006 15:51:16

I think they put that for people that aren't getting real refs and scamming the system. If you didn't do anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. I hope they do go after scammers because they ruin it for everyone...


20-04-2006 07:01:29

Its not realistic for us to pursue legal action against every referral we consider illegitimate.