GC's sent 2day Fedex

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19-04-2006 11:19:13

GC's are sent 2day fedex even if you choose standard shipping

Xbox 360 this weekend vs sometime next week. HMMMM

I wonder if i will get shipped today so i can have them friday


19-04-2006 11:33:26

I selected regular USPS for shipping, but when I got the confirmation email it said my delivery was for FedEX two day. Guess Freepay paid for the shipping of the GCs.

Jake -- Is this true?


19-04-2006 11:51:36

Yes, when I ordered my GC's sometime back it automatically gives you two day shipping, even if you put standard. I believe FreePay automatically paid for this shipping method.

When I ordered (the first batch of GC's before they haulted them) they ran out of BBY cards, and GiftCertificates.com upgraded my shipping to overnight to make up for the wait. GC.com is awesome, as well as Jake... wink


19-04-2006 11:56:40

Yep. Emptied my cart and readded $400 in BB gc as Standard shipping.



19-04-2006 11:59:23

sweet.... i still got 300.00 left on my CG but dont know what to spend it on (


19-04-2006 12:01:03

[quote5964110bf7="RM200"]sweet.... i still got 300.00 left on my CG but dont know what to spend it on ([/quote5964110bf7]

Me lol


19-04-2006 12:02:06

If your order is over a certain amount ($200 or $300 I think?), GC.com automatically does FedEx 2-day. Makes sense, it's awfully nice to have the good tracking for a package like that.


19-04-2006 12:22:33

It's weird that they also allow you to pay $9 for the 2 day shipping. I'm glad i chose the free 2-day shipping option!


19-04-2006 12:26:37

Its going to be sent with FedEx 2 day.

But, I had them send it to a Post Office Box (at the local post office).. How is that going to be done? I've never heard of FedEx or UPS doing that before ?


19-04-2006 15:02:27

WTF, my order confirmation email said "U.S. Mail" was the shipping method ( I ordered 4x$100 BestBuy certificates.

Also, how can it cost $15 per Card to FedEx Express it??? o


19-04-2006 21:23:19

I dont know but my order was shipped as of 3pm today and will be delived on Friday. XBOX 360 here i come