manual credit concerns, revisited

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17-04-2006 14:11:39

so I searched and didn't really find a thread on this topic of late. As we get closer to the 90 day deadline for those of us whose sites were converted to the 5/31 deadline anyone else getting concerned?
I have 3 greens on psps. 1 person after I went green realized he couldnt go green for me so gave me money. one jackass (jdmturbocivic) scammed me. one person did another site instead. So, I realized I needed 2 more referrals. One is likely going to have to file for manual credit, which I understand happens, I had to do it for her. It is not that part that sucks, it is knowing that we may have to wait 4+ weeks in order to even get an answer. Even if my 4th goes green if freepay takes their sweetass time I am out a psp b/c of their slowness. this sucks. sure i could get another green, and I may do that, but I think the fact that we are 5.5 weeks from my deadline and I already have to worry about manual credit going thru is stupid.
ok, done venting.
anyone else have concerns?


17-04-2006 14:14:18

also of note, I think the delay is reporting by the offer that you do. if they do not report to freepay then freepay doesnt get paid so of course they are going to hold our credits even if we did everything correct. not sure if we should suffer for that. freepay should go after teh offer company and get the money without involving us. if we have the emails and the charges...we should get credit