Finally some good freepay news

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17-04-2006 08:21:00

Last week I was finally approved for my ipodshuffle site (sent form in on 3/3). I think I was approved on Friday and was STV this morning )
Also my macmini site which I have been approved on since 2/1 went STV today also. I still have a few of their sites where I am waiting for my form to be approved, but this gave me hope that I will see those products someday ) just thought I would share some good news, hopefully this means they are back on track a little and will start approving and sending out gifts on a regular basis


17-04-2006 08:25:47

still nothing for my flatscreen... cent in form on 3-6-06


17-04-2006 08:53:55

i think they were busy with the Phones site


17-04-2006 09:02:14

Aw... you went STV? Lucky bastard, I'm STILL waiting. ;_;


17-04-2006 09:41:45

good news if you're not waiting for a damn 360!!!! (congrats on going STV...but i hate you now!!) ;)