Referals completed, advice needed

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16-04-2006 19:30:25

I finally got 5 referals for, but they say "Unfortunately, customers often find that 1 or 2 of their referrals do not get awarded, so you may want to refer extra friends to improve your chances of approval." I know that the process takes 4 weeks and I don't want to double that. Should I do another referal or should i stick with what i have?


16-04-2006 19:37:16

what u should do is request for approval, and while you are waiting, get some extra referrals.


16-04-2006 19:42:30

Will I have enough time to resend it if i get rejected?
"Your form must be mailed (according to the postmark) by 6/29/2006. We recommend that you use tracked mail."

Does that mean that I have until 6/29 to send it in, even if one of my refs is rejected?

I've spent $95 on this and my parents think im crazy. If i lose this chance ill never be able to do freebie sites again cry


17-04-2006 11:37:21

Dang, $95 for an iPod? I'm spending $70 doing using a points system!

But yes, you have until 6/29/06 to send in the form. If you send it in, I would get 1 or 2 more people to complete offers, maybe some friends or something, just in case they reject one of your original ones.