More Approval Form Questions :)

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15-04-2006 02:39:26

I got 10/10 greens for XBOX 360 today and have a few questions about approval.

If some of my greens arent credited, I then get more greens to make up for it, do I have to send the approval form again?

Also although I completed 10/10 i've got atleast one more green coming. Will they still count as long as they green before receiving my form?

Also can I fax my form from the UK?


15-04-2006 04:43:44

if one DQ's then may or may not give you more time - they said on a case by case basis. I never got a clear cut answer on sending another form if you fall below the minimum required refs for the site, I believe you do. If another ref goes green while you are waiting to be approved thats good - however it may or may not happen. I had a ref go green while waiting 6 weeks for my account to be approved - so it does happen, and I am happy it did because two of my refs DQ'd but I still had over the amount required...No you can't fax a form in, it must be mailed.


15-04-2006 04:47:26

So when one ref DQ'd, they gave you another chance to get another green?


15-04-2006 05:25:48

they give u a chance until the expiration date on your account.


15-04-2006 05:35:40

I see. Good man.

special k

15-04-2006 05:57:12

I Pmed jake about the possibility of a ref getting DQ'ed, making up for it, and than would I have to send another form in. He told me he doubted they started processing it yet. So if its a week in sure you can make up for it without sending another in,