ipod shuffle trade in

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13-04-2006 18:18:41

does anyone know if i can go to the apple store and trade in my shuffle that i just received from freeday

has anyone done this before, how much can you get


14-04-2006 08:53:13

i would post this in the help section. OR just search for it. i have not done it myself but i know people who have...target, walmart will take it too but u have to spend the money right then


14-04-2006 09:21:15

Apple stores will check the code on the box. They can trace where it was orig sold from...ie Amazon. Best Buy will no longer accept returns/exchanges without a receipt. Wallys and Target are a bit more relaxed in their policies.


14-04-2006 09:25:00

If you can stand walmart credit, they'll take it. Otherwise, it looks like you may be up a creek.

i blame history

14-04-2006 11:46:36

yeah, walmart will give you a gift card loaded with the value. traded in a narnia game for ps2, won online by my boyfriends father... we could have sold it at an EB games for $10, but the guy there told us to take it to walmart. $31 and some change... that covers about half of a 360 game, or a decent amount of groceries.

they will just ask to see an ID, and they will give you a gift card. the guy at the game store said something about a "3 times per year" limit for returning things to walmart with no recipt, but i have no experience with that.


15-04-2006 00:21:03

so, do they give you the 99 dollars plus the tax at walmart?


15-04-2006 14:26:07

if that is the price, then yes. SOME managers will make u spend that money the same day