WTF! This is complete bull$h1t!

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12-04-2006 11:26:51

I had 8 referrals for PS3s.Freepay that were green. I sent my approval form in mid march and I checked my account today and SEVEN WERE PLACED ON HOLD! They were all from a well-known c.o.n.g.a site that helped me get the referrals for the 360 (and I was approved) The only green I have now is from my friend who I referred a couple of weeks ago and did the Stamps offer.

This is bsflag bsflag evil evil evil evil evil


12-04-2006 11:37:20

Sounds like your well known conga is full of scammers...


12-04-2006 12:27:12



12-04-2006 20:46:20

i'd slit my wrists if i had that kind of luck


12-04-2006 20:47:58

that is bad luck dude.


13-04-2006 05:34:44

yeah...this is why congas suck and fipg trade forum rules